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Curiositats i preguntes freqüents. Si en vols saber més, escriu-nos.

  • Why is it called first cold pressing?
    Because the oil does not heat up, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of the product, which we extract with a press.
  • What is the traditional system?
    It consists of the stone mill, the cold pasta, coffins, the pressing and the extraction of the oil by natural decantation.
  • When is the oil extracted?
    Normally and depending on the weather, the olive oil extraction season is during the months of October, November and December.
  • What variety is our olive oil?
    It is the set of 3 varieties: Morruda or Reguers, Salivenca and Arbequina.
  • What is a lot of olives? And how long does it last?
    It is the entire work process that we do in the mill until the final extraction of the oil. Its duration is 1 hour.
  • Is all the oil production in-house?
    No. We also work for our clients who have olive trees and want to obtain the oil from their trees using the traditional system.
  • How many kg of olives fit in 1 lot?
    Maximum 600 kg. But we can also make a lot for customers who bring less quantity.
  • - How long can the product be kept?
    By labeling obligation it is a year old but well preserved to last 2 years perfectly.
  • - How can the product be better preserved?
    In a cool place avoiding direct heat and also in a place that is dark, without sunlight or electricity.
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